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Life Happens

It can happen to any one of us at some time or another. An unfortunate accident, a trip to the emergency room, or simply when gas prices keep going up, and your paycheck isn’t. Even though you work hard, take care of your family and try to make ends meet…sometimes money gets tight and well, …“life just happens.”


You have more options than you may think

Lugoff Loan Company has the solution for just about any of your short-term money woes.   If your credit is tight and your bank account is low, you can bring in something you own as collateral for a loan to help you get through the rough spots in life.    To get a loan with us, you pledge property you own as collateral and turn your items temporarily back into the cash it used to be. You are basically borrowing from yourself.   No IOU’s from friends or family, no high interest cash advances on your credit cards, and no backlash from unrepaid loans.

We give loans for as low as $10 and up. Just think about it. An $80 pawn loan for 30 days is less expensive than having to pay a bounced check fee, utility reconnect fee, credit card late payment or payday loan. Another advantage is that if you don’t come back for your item, there is no negative effect on your credit history. A pawn loan is a safe, secure and fast way to borrow cash based upon your collateral.

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